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After 5 years of doing watercolor painting....I still love doing it! I have tried acrylics...but my preference is watercolor. I am drawing more before I do a painting but at times I just let the paints flow! My favorite subjects are landscapes and seascapes. I hang them all around my home and notice…(continue reading)

Why Artists Need Each Other...

I started painting 4 years ago and when I took my first watercolor class I knew no one and the only thing I knew about watercolor painting is that I loved the medium. After a class or two the five beginners in the class bonded with each other. We had signed up for a beginning watercolor class but we…(continue reading)

Why do artists enter art competitions?

Today I dropped off a watercolor at a show being held by an art association that I am a member of near my home in Florida. As I helped hang the art I wondered why artists enter art shows. Is it to be part of the art community? Is it because we want recognition? Is it because we hope someone will…(continue reading)

Do artists paint for themselves or for others?

A few days ago an artist friend and I were talking about selling our work. We both have our artwork in gallerys as well as other venues but sales have been scarce this summer. Out of the blue my friend said well even if I don't sell my work I love painting so much I would just keep doing it! I agreed…(continue reading)

Meditation while painting.....

Today I was so involved in my painting that I believe I was in a state of meditation. I felt peaceful, more focused, and attentive to what I was doing. I may have written about this previously but I wonder if any of my artist friends feel this way when they are painting. I know at the end of my yoga…(continue reading)