"Art from the Soul" by Margaret Modjeski

Why do artists enter art competitions?

Today I dropped off a watercolor at a show being held by an art association that I am a member of near my home in Florida. As I helped hang the art I wondered why artists enter art shows. Is it to be part of the art community? Is it because we want recognition? Is it because we hope someone will see our piece and praise it or perhaps even buy it? Is it because we just want to share our art with the world? I am not sure why I entered this competition but I will say I am proud to see my artwork hanging on the wall along with the pieces of both professionals and amateur artists. What do you think? Why do artists enter art competitions?


Wendy said:

I, too, entered that competition- as we call it - because it is. We are competing in a sense against all other objective art, hoping ours will stand out to someone seeing it. Perhaps not competing for the award, but for the chance to see if our work speaks, moves, questions,or disturbs our viewer as we intended - wishing only for a small tape recorder to hear their collective comments. But the best part was seeing all the work up at the same time and appreciating all the fine talent in one room of friends and co-artists. Awards are nice, the camaraderie is great, and the propulsion to keep creating is, I guess, why I enter competitions. Thanks for the thought provoking question :)

Wednesday, November 16th

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