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American vs. British Art Preferences……

by Margaret Modjeski in Art Buyer's Preferences

Well you may as surprised as I was with this information I read in Art Finder. In 2015, a Brit was 26% more likely to buy art from the “Animal and Birds” category than an American. This trend increased towards Christmas when the Brits were a huge 46% more likely to buy animals.

By contrast, Americans were 33% more likely to buy from the “People/Portraits” category increasing to 60% towards the holidays…….Hm..mmmmmm… I may have to gather my bird watercolors and fly to the British Isles!

Now what do all of you think the most popular category for both groups, as well as globally? Well what do you think??

The result-“Landscapes, Sea, and Sky” which attracted 26% of all buyers in the US, and 25% of of the U.K. A close relative of mine has been encouraging me to paint more landscapes!!! I actually have enjoyed doing this!

Don’t worry all you abstract artists and buyers…..Abstracts were also,popular, attracting 18% of the U.K. Audience, and 19% of the US audience.

So what should you do with this information?? Nothing! Just paint what moves you! Paint what you feel! Actually just paint, or sculpt, or take photographs, just do whatever makes you happy!