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If at first you don’t succeed…..

by Margaret Modjeski in My Opinion,,,,,,

Determination must be my middle name well at least it was today. I drove to my studio determined to paint a seascape with a stormy sky, a boat, a darker sea, as well as some type of reflection of the boat. My first try had a decent sky but there was too much gray and not enough cloud area and the water looked like mud. So long painting number 1! My second attempt just had too much paint and not enough water. It seemed flat. As I started my third painting I closed my studio door, put on Adele Radio and relaxed. I actually think I was trying too hard. I just let the water, the paper, and the paint do the work. To my surprise my painting started coming together. I kept reminding myself to stop before I did too much and ruined it. This is difficult for a watercolorist because there are no second chances. You can make minor corrections but you can’t just cover it up and start over as an oil or acrylic painter can. I did stop. I dried my painting and took a photo. I sat down for a moment and studied the photo. My determination paid off! I loved the final result.
So if at first you don’t succeed try and try and try again. You never know what surprises you will may at the end of your paintbrush!