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“Quirky Critters”

by Margaret Modjeski in Painting rocks......who knew??

A few months ago an artist friend asked a group of 5 artists if we had heard of rock painting groups. Not one of us had heard a word but once she explained the idea of painting a rock, hiding it for someone to find, with no expectations other then the person possibly posting a picture of your rock on Facebook…or the finder just keeping the would just be sharing some joy……! We were hooked. What started with a group of just 6 artists is now a group with almost 500 members and rock painters! I was having so much fun painting quirky animals on my rocks that a short while ago I started painting “quirky critters” using my watercolors. I now have a series going and I am having a ball. What I learned from all of this is that art is everywhere we look and may even be on that rock hiding in a niche of a building near you! So”rock on”!