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Exploring other mediums…….

by Margaret Modjeski in Exploring other mediums......

Last summer I jumped into the messy world of flow acrylics……and oh boy…… was it messy!  I started with small canvases…..learned I needed to wear gloves and a cover up before finishing my first one!  I actually enjoyed myself but soon realized that the reason I loved painting with watercolors was that I loved the movement of the paint on my watercolor paper.  I actually was trying to replace that movement by using fluid acrylics on canvas.    I painted acrylics of all sizes but I wanted to enter an art show at our gallery  for “Big” art.  I bought a 36″ by 36″ canvas and painted on a hot August day in Florida.  Even in my studio I sweated so much that my clothes were soaked, my hair was dripping…getting more curly….I was making a mess….but my painting ” Interlude” turned out great!  Would I paint with acrylics again…sure…….did I enjoy it…definitely….but I feel so much more at peace when I paint using my watercolors.  I really do need peace with all that is happening in our world,in 2020….don’t you?