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New name for my folio twIst website!

I now have a name for for new folio twist website! Many of you are not on Facebook so this way you can see my latest artwork, shows, and read my blog!! Please check it out. It is: :

My New Art Newsletter-“Art from the Soul”

My website has a new feature at the top of the page. It is an email sign-up for my newsletter called “Art from the Soul”. I will announce upcoming art shows, new venues, and events. I will keep you informed of what I am up to as far as my painting. I may offer discounts… read more

“Art from the Soul”-New website

Today I have created a website to feature my art. It is located on: folio The name of my site is ” Art from the Soul”. I invite you to check it out. I will try to post new artwork weekly. All my paintings are framed original watercolors. I will post painting sizes as… read more