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Margaret Modjeski's-"Art from the Soul"

Watercolor seascapes, landscapes, florals, and more by Palm Harbor, Florida-Artist-In-Residence-Commissions available.
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After 5 years of doing watercolor painting....I still love doing it! I have tried acrylics...but my preference is watercolor. I am drawing more before I do a painting but at times I just let the paints flow! My favorite subjects are landscapes and seascapes. I hang them all around my… read more

“Quirky Critters”

A few months ago an artist friend asked a group of 5 artists if we had heard of rock painting groups. Not one of us had heard a word but once she explained the idea of painting a rock, hiding it for someone to find, with no expectations other then… read more

Why Artists Need Each Other…

I started painting 4 years ago and when I took my first watercolor class I knew no one and the only thing I knew about watercolor painting is that I loved the medium. After a class or two the five beginners in the class bonded with each other. We had… read more