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I am ready to paint!

After a break of several weeks I am so read to paint again! I have seen autumn beauty and mountain vistas and imagined capturing these scenes in my own way on watercolor paper. Soon very soon I will be painting. I can’t wait!!

Overworking a watercolor……

One of my favorite artists wrote something on his blog that I often struggle with….when does a watercolorist stop painting and say…my piece is done. How many times have I kept going and ended up ruining a painting. Let me start counting…………I am still counting!! This week at my studio my goal is to do… read more

Exploring Watercolors…..

I have been exploring the watercolor medium lately. My paintings have changed so much from my first pieces four short years ago. I painted lots and lots of flowers and many, many sunflowers. My first award from the Tarpon Springs Art Association was for my “Triplets” sunflower painting! I remember painting my first sunflowers and… read more

Do artists suffer from artist’s block?

Today I had a conversation with a friend who also happens to be an amazing oil painter. She told me how frustrated she was over the weekend with her paintings. I said welcome to my club! For every painting that I save, mat or frame there are probably 3 or 4 that are reduced to… read more

What artists think about when they are not painting……..

Today I spent the day thinking about my art, reflecting on what I have learned on my artistic journey, and planning what I would like to paint tomorrow. I did not pick up a paint brush, mix paint on my palette, fill my water container, or prepare my paper. It seems from having conversations with… read more

Sharing Ideas with other Artists

Today I had lunch with a fellow artist and amazingly we talked about our families and lives but of course, we always went back to our favorite topic of conversation-art! No artist follows the same path to their career in art but the journey is a lot of fun. I always loved art but was… read more

WOW…..The Wonder of Watercolor!

I love the colors, the flow, the movement, the freedom of watercolor painting but most of all I love the surprises! No matter how I plan my piece there is always something that surprises me with watercolors! The idea that adding water can change a painting amazes me. As a beginner I did not understand… read more