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Do artists suffer from artist’s block?

by Margaret Modjeski in Reflections......

Today I had a conversation with a friend who also happens to be an amazing oil painter. She told me how frustrated she was over the weekend with her paintings. I said welcome to my club! For every painting that I save, mat or frame there are probably 3 or 4 that are reduced to rubble because of my frustration with that piece of art. As a watercolorist it is almost impossible to cover up mistakes. What usually happens is I try to do too much. I have decided to think like the famous architect Mies Van Der Rohe His most famous quote was “Less is more”. So if you are an artist who has artist’s block, or are frustrated with your work……take time to reflect, observe, read about art, watch art videos…..and paint less. Yes…that is right take a break from painting. This break could be just what you needed to refresh your mind and get back to painting those masterpieces that are just waiting to break out!