I am artist. I love the feeling of starting with a blank sheet of paper and creating something beautiful. I was surrounded by art as a teenager in Chicago at the homes of the people I worked for as a babysitter. Abstract paintings, surrealistic oils, sculpture for Christmas exhibits at a bank, as well as traditional,peaceful watercolors were everywhere. In my turbulent life it was the peace and tranquility, as well as the beauty of watercolor painting that mesmerized me. I purchased my first watercolor through my babysitting. That painting by Ruth Linnell Byrnes still hangs proudly in my Sister’s home in California. I knew that someday I would paint and I would paint watercolor! My education, my profession, my marriage, my Daughter, all were the most important parts of my life so it wasn’t until 4 years ago that I realized my dream to learn to paint in watercolor. I now have a studio. I am involved in the art community. I participate in exhibits and enter shows but most of all I paint. Everything I create is not beautiful, all my paintings are not purchased, but I paint! I create, I imagine, I think, and I have fun! I am an artist. Who could have imagined this?