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What artists think about when they are not painting……..

by Margaret Modjeski in Reflections......

Today I spent the day thinking about my art, reflecting on what I have learned on my artistic journey, and planning what I would like to paint tomorrow. I did not pick up a paint brush, mix paint on my palette, fill my water container, or prepare my paper. It seems from having conversations with my artist friends that many of them do just what I do when we are not creating…..we reflect, we think, we plan, we imagine……what we want to paint next, what colors interest us,…. what our vision of our piece is……what the subject will be……so we are engaged mentally, emotionally, artistically, just not physically in our art! I realize that this is why I love painting so much….
my next painting is a mystery until I actually finish it! Are any of you interested in what I have been imagining today? Are you curious as to what I am going to paint? Just check out my Facebook page “Watercolors by Margaret Modjeski” soon……and you may be surprised at least I hope so!!

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