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What makes an artist happy?

by Margaret Modjeski in What makes an artist happy?

There are so many things that make an artist happy.  Let’s start with supplies.  I do love buying new paints, fresh paper, and of course brushes!  I also enjoy setting up my work space with those supplies but I do have to admit my work space needs a spring cleaning!  Sometimes it is just so hard getting rid of the tube with just a bit more watercolor paint or that brush I may need someday.   I do need an orderly space to create.  Many artists are happy winning awards for their art.  I do enjoy that but I am also aware that my motivation to create has nothing to do with awards.  Something else that makes me happy is going to a gallery or store  and choosing just the right frame for my watercolors.  A frame just helps show the beauty of a piece.  Artists including myself are also happy to hear positive comments about our pieces.  When someone comes into my studio and stops to admire my pieces I am definitely happy about that.    I also get excited…..yes I admit excited when one of my pieces sells!  It is not the money that has excited me.  It is actually the thought of someone admiring my artwork enough to buy it and display it in their home or office!  That is so rewarding.   Even after writing all of the above the very best part of being an artist and what truly makes me happy is the actual process of creating my art……starting  with an idea…..a blank piece of watercolor paper, watercolor paint as well as brushes and a place to paint.    There is such a rush in creating something from nothing.  We artists are just simple folks who are happy making art.